Mandy Beckers
21/NL | ABK Student Maastricht
All the content on this page is my own.

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Some more progress ☺️
Working for my school project πŸ˜€πŸŽ¨
Watercolour painting for drawing class. 🎨 (it’s a earring I made at school)
Sketching at school. (1-4-2014)
Pink Dog Baloon! (2014)Polychromos & Photoshop
Red Lips! (2014)Polychromos & Photoshop
Cup of Lady Grey tea and some #polychromos. ☺️✏️
Tom Hiddleston! (2014)
Polychromos & Photoshop
When school makes you draw #Disney characters… 😎
Quick sketch for a new drawing 😬
Started something new today. ☺️-> Follow me on Instagram @becksem
Octopus! (2014)Polychromos & Photoshop
Octopus πŸ™πŸ’¦ (part 2). #unfinished
Octopus and a lot of bling and flowers it is for my new sketch 😁Hope you like it!Follow me on Instagram: @becksem
Happy Valentines Day! (2014)x Becksem